Even though I'm a kid of the 80's, I am one of the biggest fans of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. I wanted to be the Pink Ranger, and I kind was for a little while.

Liberty Pink Ranger
Liberty Pink Ranger

My friends and I decided we should make our own costumes and see if we could do some birthday parties or appearances. I was so dedicated to being the Pink Ranger that I added gymnastics to my martial arts practice. It was so exciting to see the faces of kids light up when they saw their favorite Rangers. This Wednesday, March 31, 2021 fellow MMPR fans will have the opportunity to meet Jason David Frank in Evansville.

We've featured his Power Ranger Protection Program earlier this year in our Good News segment. JDR has been traveling all over the country, making free appearances at locally owned comic shops. He signs autographs and leaves signed merch for the business to sell. This has helped a lot of little shops stay in business during the pandemic.

We had the amazing opportunity to chat with JDF! We had to ask why he travels all over the place to meet fans and help local comic shops, without getting paid a fee from the shops. Turns out, he really loves what he does and his fans.

I could not be more excited to tell you that it's Evansville's turn for the Power Ranger Protection Program! Jason David Frank will be at Secret Headquarters Wednesday, March 31, 2021 beginning at 3:00 P.M.

This is the first time that JDF has been in Evansville, so I'm certain that this will be a huge event. With that said, all COVID-19 protocols will be in place. Masks are absolutely required. Secret Headquarters is a bit cozy, so there will be specific directions on how to get a ticket, and how to find out when it's your turn.

Secret Headquarters Owner Discusses JDF Visit

Photo: Liberty
Photo: Liberty


Tickets are just to hold your spot in line that doesn't cost anything .

How it works:
People come to the store to get their “ticket” which is just their number in line.
They will scan the QR code on the ticket to download the Telegram App and join the group (Must use the app)
If you're NOT shopping you will be required to wait “in line” in their cars to social distance or if it will be awhile, they can leave and come back later.
SHQ staff will use the app to call numbers. (For example: we will tell people that once they are 10 spots away from their number to make sure they are in their cars in the parking lot. If they are 5 spots away from their number, then come to the door to be ready to go inside).
Proper safety protocol is 100% required! You will get to meet JDF, get some goodies signed and maybe a photo as well! And will have to skidaddle so others can come in.
Jason will be signing autographs and taking photos as well.
You will only need ONE SINGLE TICKET for your group/family.
We will have additional details in the store but please rest assured, JDF is staying until the last person leave. Just as all of our previous guests have in the past.
This is a rare occasion as this may be the one and only time JDF will be in Evansville! And we know it's short notice but he's here all night so no need to rush and speed through traffic....he'll be here for you!
If you have any questions, call 812-470-8546. Secret headquarters is located at 4225 N. 1st Ave Evansville, IN 47710.
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