A couple of days ago, the good folks at It Takes a Village Canine Rescue took in some dogs that were in incredibly bad shape.

The dogs were found starving and one, Apollo, was very close to death. He's currently at the veterinarian's office receiving treatment. I can't even get into what kind of human does this... we all have our own opinions about this so I'll leave it at that.

Currently, It Takes a Village is looking for foster homes for not only the four that were found but also all the dogs at the shelter.

Today we took in the 4 dogs found starving in a home in Daviess County last week. Apollo, the worst of the group, will be coming to us on Wednesday. We desperately need foster homes for these precious babies that can give them food and a warm bed to snuggle up in until we can find them forever loving families. If you can help please fill out a foster application at itvrescue.org.

If you want to help us with Apollo’s care, please donate online at itvrescue.org/donate.

I decided to go in and take some pictures of the pups to help spread the word that they are needing warm homes so that they will have a merry Christmas - maybe their first happy holiday ever.

While I was there, I met someone. I met a kind, handsome, older canine gentleman. They told me this particular feller was always passed over because of his hearing and vision loss and elderly age. Since I happen to have two elderly dogs at home, I decided to text the husband and let him know we'd be hosting a visitor for Christmas. My husband... well, let's just say he agreed to our visitor coming over and hanging with us for the holidays and maybe beyond.

The application process was really easy. I filled out a questionnaire online but if you go in, you can fill it out there. I talked to some of the gals at the shelter who were incredibly nice and compassionate about these animals. And, I'm going back to let the gentleman meet my family. If and when everything goes through, I'll introduce him to you!

All these animals deserve a warm home to spend the holidays in. Will you open up yours?

From It Takes a Village about Foster Care:

It Takes a Village Canine Rescue, Inc. (ITV) relies primarily on volunteers and fosters to take care of dogs in our care. This means that we could never do what we do without the assistance of our dedicated group of volunteers and foster homes! If you’re interested in fostering, we cannot thank you enough! It is because of wonderful families like yours that open their homes to beautiful dogs that allow ITV to be so successful!

ITV Rescue will cover all the veterinary expenses as well as crates and any other supplies you will need.  If any vetting is necessary while a foster dog is in your care, ITV covers the costs as long as it is ITV that makes the appointment with our veterinarians. All of the ITV dogs are altered, dewormed, and vaccinated while in their foster homes, and we do need fosters who are able and willing to work with scheduling! However, we completely understand that a vast majority of our fosters work, so transportation to appointments can be arranged. Because of our limited resources, many foster homes choose to further help the rescue by providing their own dog food or heartworm/flea prevention.  We will provide donated food, however, if requested by the foster.

If you’re interested in fostering, please fill out the fostering application! Along with your completed application, please include any breed, age, or behavior desires or restrictions so that the ITV board members can attempt to best match your home with the most appropriate dog! Although we cannot guarantee the house behavior of any of the dogs that we pull from the shelter, we tend to be a fairly good judge of dogs after so much experience in rescue!

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