Guns have been a "loaded" topic for many, many years. But, this article isn't about guns. No, no, no. I'm staying as far away from that debate as possible. Whatever side of that argument you're on is your business, and I'm cool with whatever side that is. What this article is about is weapons that aren't guns that you are perfectly within your rights to own as a resident of the state of Indiana. Why? Well, to be completely honest, because I find it interesting and I thought you might too.

I got this idea after reading an article from Billy Jenkins with our sister station, KNUE in Tyler, Texas about weapons that are illegal to own in the Lone Star State which made me think about weapons that are illegal to own in Indiana. But then I thought I was just basically ripping off Billy's idea, so I decided to take a different approach and thought, "What kind of weapons outside of guns, the kind people don't typically think about, are legal to own in our state." After a bit of research, I found seven that if used against an object, or another person, could do some serious damage, but by law are a-OK for you to have in your possession.

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Before we get too deep into this, I want to make sure you understand that while it may be legal to own these weapons, using them to cause harm to another person will get you in serious trouble with assault charges. Chances are you knew that, but common sense seems to be lacking these days, and I just wanted to make sure my bases were covered. Alright. Now that we have that little disclaimer out of the way, let's get to it.

7 Weapons You Can Legally Own in Indiana That Aren't Guns

Anything can be a weapon if used as such. Large rocks, baseball bats, golf clubs, hammers, etc., etc. However, those objects aren't designed to be used as weapons. These seven, on the other hand, are, and you are completely within your rights to have them in Hoosier State.

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