A video described at ‘WTF’ could mean so many different things. It could be something disgusting, revolting, and hard to watch. It could be something that seems strange to you, but quite ordinary to someone else. Or it could be like this video – something so amazingly random and nonsensical and just…what the eff!

So I get the impression that this guy is none too happy with his XBOX 360. It appears as though is ready to move on the Sony PlayStation platform. That is certainly fine and good. For whatever reason, he decides to destroy the gaming for all to see. That is certainly not uncommon either, there are plenty of videos of folks destroying their gaming systems. It’s what he does BEFORE destroying the system that is so strange (what he does AFTER may be the strangest of all).

I’ve sat here for a while now trying to think of something else to say/write, but there really are no words for this. Actually there are only three words that come to mind when trying to sum of this clip. I think you know what they are.

*Warning: This video might contain some possibly disturbing images, depending on what disturbs you. Okay, carry on.