The Yeti line of products consists of higher end insulated items like coolers, koozies and ramblers. They are definitely a bit pricey (at least for me). But are they worth the extra money? Is the hype for real?

Last month I saw my first Yeti cooler, and I was amazed to see a $300 price tag on it. Really? A cooler that costs $300? Then over the Labor Day weekend my brother-in-law was going on and on about his new Yeti rambler and Yeti rambler colster (koozie). Those bad boys are $30 each. I can't imagine spending $30 on a koozie.

Luckily, I didn't have to spend any money for a Yeti. My aforementioned brother-in-law got me one of them there ramblers for my birthday. So now I'm here to brag about it. If you want to keep your coffee hot hours or keep a frosty beverage frosty all day, I can't imagine you'll beat the Yeti rambler. The video below is proof!

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