Some weird things have been happening in my apartment for the past year....


I think my apartment is haunted.

I'm always hearing strange sounds in the middle of the night. Not like "next door neighbors doing something" sounds. Like, "it sounds like something is going on in my living room" sounds.

Things are always being moved. I'll leave something on my counter and then come back into the room later and it will be in a different place on the counter, or on the floor.

Sometimes I wake up with scratches on me that I know I did not cause myself. These aren't "I rolled over and accidentally scratched myself with my long lady nails" scratches. These are distinct claw marks.

When I sleep, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I feel like something is pulling my sheets or sitting on my bed with me.

And when I get up in the night to get a glass of water, I can feel something watching me. And once or twice I swear I've seen a pair of glowing yellow eyes in the corner of my living room.

It's really starting to freak me out.

So the other day I decided to try and capture it on camera. Anytime I heard a noise, I'd flip out my camera and try to get something. Anything. Some sort of proof that I'm not going crazy and that something else is in my apartment with me.

And I finally got proof last night.

Chynna Hall
Chynna Hall

It's worse than I thought. It's not a ghost. IT'S A DEMON.

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