Behemoth are set to play in Limerick, Ireland next week, but if a city councillor has his way, the show won't go on. Fianna Fail councillor and former mayor of Limerick Kevin Sheehan is the latest to object to the band playing because of their "satanic practices."

Sheehan spoke on TodayFM's The Last Word With Matt Cooper, stating, To me, the objection is well founded and it's quite justified. Satanism is associated with evil. And I'm a Christian. I wouldn't be blowing my trumpet too loud about that. I'm an average Christian, if there's such a thing. And what I am against totally is anything to do with Satanism and with evil thoughts, music or practices."

Sheehan has called on the Minister of Justice to rule on a potential banning, adding, "We have laws in this country." He went on to discuss how earlier this year a 1999 act was enforced that prevented an American pastor with anti-Semitic and anti-gay views from speaking in Ireland and hoping to use that ruling in order to block Behemoth's performance next Monday (June 17) at the King John's Castle.

The politician went on to state that he had "no problem" with concerts or music, adding, "I have no problem with music. Music can be the soul of our lives. But not Satanic practices or thoughts or promotions. I have no facility in my life for any of that."

This is certainly not the first time that the band has had issue because of their views and music. The Polish government charged frontman Nergal with various crimes in 2007 after he ripped up a bible onstage, while the band was detained and deported from Russia in 2014. There was also a court case that Behemoth eventually won in 2017 over displaying the Polish coat of arms on one of their t-shirts.

Behemoth actually performed in Dublin, Ireland earlier this year without incident. They have dates in Europe into July, before heading stateside for shows in the latter portion of summer. See all their stops here.


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