Can’t be criticized for bad hair effects if there’s no hair to criticize. Yes, Marvel’s Inhumans is shearing down the days until its IMAX premiere, and with it comes a spoiler-filled trailer that sees the Queen of Attilan looking a bit less Medusa and a bit more Sinead.

You’re warned of minor spoilers for Marvel’s The Inhumans from here on out, but a new trailer reveals that Serinda Swan’s Medusa will undergo a major change in appearance at some point in the eight-episode series; losing her trademark locks, Samson-style. The change was surely made to cut down on costly hair effects, but comic fans aren’t going to be happy with one of the character’s most iconic powers removed for the sake of story.

Inhumans Trailer Medusa Hair Cut
Marvel / ABC

Watch the first trailers below, and stay tuned for more on Marvel and ABC’s The Inhumans as we get closer to the IMAX premiere in September.

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