Indiana's state insect is the firefly, and it's being celebrated at a festival this weekend.

Indiana's State Insect

Did you know that Indiana had an official insect?  I had NO idea.  It turns out the insect of the Hoosier state is the firefly. Which, speaking of, do you call them fireflies or lightning bugs?  Either way, these insects that light up the night sky in the summertime are my favorite.  When I was a kid I remember being fascinated with lightning bugs to the point I'd collect them in a jar that my dad helped me poke holes in, and before I'd go inside for the night I'd sit in the jar out with the lid off so the lightning bugs could fly off.  I always thought it was so cool how they would light up and flicker against the darkness of the night.


Celebrate the Firefly with the Firefly Festival

New Harmony, Indiana is celebrating Indiana's state insect with a Firefly Festival.  It will take place this weekend July 8th and 9th.  In fact did you know that fireflies have quite the connection with Indiana?  According to Historic Southern Indiana:

Did you know that Indiana's state insect was named by a famous naturalist who lived in southern Indiana? Say's Firefly was named by scientist Thomas Say who lived in New Harmony and is considered by many to be the father of American entomology.


Real fireflies on a grass field at night

What is there to do at the Firefly Festival?

SO MUCH. There will be everything from a guided walk to watch fireflies, a guided golf cart tour to see fireflies, glow yoga, a presentation on fireflies, and even a pub crawl! The pub crawl will take place Friday and Saturday nights and each bar will have a special firefly-themed drink.  Check out for the full schedule of events.

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