The small community of Warren, Indiana is outraged at one of its residents because they say she is growing marijuana in her front yard. However, Kim Miller says that while her plant may resemble cannabis, it is actually a flowering hibiscus plant that was given to her by one of her neighbors.

Rumors around town got so bad that police even paid Miller a visit to see if there was any truth to what the townspeople were saying. Yet, after investigating the alleged marijuana plants, authorities discovered that it actually was a hibiscus.

Interestingly, police offered Miller a little advice: put a sign in your front yard that reads, “Hibiscus, Not Pot.” And that’s exactly what she did.

Town Marshal Dennis Spitler says that it is not uncommon to find marijuana plants growing in ditches around the area, but he is not aware of anyone dumb enough to grow it in their front yard.

When Miller was asked if the sign was helping she replied, "It's only caused more people to stop and investigate, ask more questions and kind of be the town joke… Maybe word will get around town and it'll stop."