No one seems to agree on WHY this bridge is haunted though...

Everyone in Avon agrees that the bridge on County Road 625 is haunted. But no one can agree on an official story as to WHY it's haunted. Locals just agree that it's creepy, and you have to honk when you go under it.

Legends of the Avon Bridge:

1. A mother was taking her sick baby to the doctor when she fell off the bridge, killing her and the baby. When you drive under the bridge, you are supposed to honk, so you don't hear their ghostly screams.

(Though, logically, there is a bend in the road right where the bridge is...So honking may be beneficial to anyone who might be walking past that bend in the road, letting them know a car is coming. ...Just saying...)

2. During construction of the bridge in 1906, a drunken railroad worker fell during construction and drowned in wet cement. (And, again, you're supposed to honk when you go under so you don't hear his moaning.)

3. 4 workers fell to their death into White Creek Lake, and you can still hear them splashing in the creek. (Again...honking...)

So which story is true? Are any of them true? Who knows. All we know is that this is a creepy bridge, shrouded in mystery and car honks.


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