This house is haunted as hell...and no one knows why.

Some "haunted places" are haunted because of their tragic history. Maybe a battle took place near by, or someone died on the property, or someone built something on top of something they shouldn't have.

So it's rare to have a place that has been reportedly haunted for over a century...and have no one know why.

The Hannah House was built in 1858 by Alexander Moore Hannah, who died in 1895. In 1899, the house was sold to another family...and that's when the stories started.

For many years, people reported the smell of death, or even gangrene, in the upstairs bedrooms. Doors open and close by themselves. Ghostly moaning and wailing can be heard throughout the house.

But why?

Well, Mr. Hannah was very opposed to slavery. So much so, the Hannah House was a part of the underground railroad. THIS we know is true.

What we don't know, is if any of the stories pertaining to WHY the house is haunted are true.

Some stories say that someone knocked over a lantern in the basement on night, causing a fire that ruined the basement and part of the first floor of the house, killing many run away slaves that were hiding in the basement in the process.

While this story isn't backed up by historical records...that makes sense. It wouldn't be in any papers.This was the underground railroad. Everything had to be kept a secret. Including deaths.

This house could have not only seen slaves come and go, but helped injured slaves as well. Perhaps that's why there was such a strong odor of death in the upper floors.

Nothing can be proven by historical records, and everyone involved with the house at that time are long gone, so the possibilities and stories as to why this house is haunted are endless.

So, what really happened at the Hannah House?

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