Who haunts Edna Collins Bridge? Is it a little girl? Her mother? Or both?

Edna Collin Bridge was built in 1922 in Greencastle, Indiana. It's one of many covered bridges in the midwest. And one of many covered bridges that just so happen to be haunted.

The origins of the bridge, as well as the haunting, are shrouded in mystery.

The story goes, that little Edna Collins was a great swimmer, and she loved swimming in Little Walnut Creek, right below the bridge. She would play and swim there often with her dog. Her parents would often leave her to play by the creek while they went into town. (It was the 1920s, okay? Not a lot of "child safety" was going on. As long as the kid was there when you got back, they were fine, right?) When her parents came back from town, they would park on the bridge and honk three times to let Edna know they were there to pick her up.

One day her parents honked their horn, but Edna never showed up. They searched for her, and found her drowned in the creek. The circumstances surrounding her death were unknown.

Other stories tell of her mother being so distraught that she hanged herself after her daughters death. Or that her father was the one to building the bridge and named it after his daughter.

Stories vary, and it's hard to find historical truth behind them. But what is true, is that people get the heebie-jeebies on this bridge.

If you want to see the ghost of Edna you have to stop, turn off your car, and honk three times. If you do that, Edna is supposed to appear and get in your car. Still looking for a ride home after all this time...

Many people have reported hearing child's laughter, or seeing small hand prints appear in the fog of their windows...

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