Gary, Indiana is scary to begin with. I didn't need an ACTUAL ghost to confirm my fears!

Some ghost stories you hear are just that: stories. There's no proof and factual evidence behind them. They're just rumors about creepy places.

The story of Diana of the Dunes, however, is based on a REAL person we know for a FACT existed.

The story starts in 1915, when some fishermen near Chestertown, Indiana saw a naked woman swimming in the lake.

Was it a spirit? No. It was a very much alive Alice Marble Gray. She lived as a hermit in an abandoned on the dunes.

Needless to say, the lake became a very popular fishing spot after the first sighting of Alice swimming nakey...

They named her Diana of the Dunes, because she was so beautiful and swam near the dunes every day.

She later became very invested in the preservation of the dunes after encroaching developments began to threaten the dunes habitat.

She eventually became involved with a man named Paul Wilson, a man who had a violent temper and who became a suspect in the murder of a man, who's body was found washed up near their cabin. He was cleared of all charges, but the murder was never solved.

In 1925, Alice died of kidney failure at her home on the dunes.

But, to this day, people STILL report seeing a naked woman running and swimming along the lake...


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