One northeastern Indiana town has introduced a proposal that would require residents to pay $5 for a permit in order to have garage sales. Of course, this has many of the townspeople ticked off because they say the town’s overzealous nickel and diming tactics is an intrusion of their right to free enterprise.

Earlier this week, Kendaville City Councilman Jim Dazey submitted a combative measure in response to grievances over local homeowners operating an exuberant amount of garage sales throughout the course of the year.

Councilman Dazey’s proposal would require anyone interested in having a garage sale or yard sale to pay $5 for a permit to do so, as well as limit each permit holder to operating a maximum of three sales per year.

Those opposing the proposed ordinance argue that the local government does not have the right to tax and regulate yard sales.

Many residents say that such an extraordinary strong-arm measure in not necessary. Other say that invoking strict rules on harmless activities like yard sales interferes with people needing to make extra money.

What do you think: What if The City of Evansville proposed a similar ordinance?

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