Last week we had an ice storm that put a damper on many plans, and while the snow and ice are starting to melt, with the cold temperatures, there's still a lot of snow and ice hanging around.  If your vehicle has been sitting outside, please make sure you fully clear off your vehicle.

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On my way to work this morning, there was a big box truck in front of me on the interstate. They hadn't cleared the ice from the top of the truck and it came flying off the top as the truck rounded a big curve.  Thankfully I was far enough back from the truck that the ice hit the ground before I got to it, but it was two huge sheets of ice that flew off the truck and had anyone been closer to the truck, I have no doubt it would have done some serious damage.  After seeing this on my way to work,  I saw a post on Facebook from Sargent Stephen Wheeles of the Indiana State Police who shared a car with a massively cracked windshield, with the following accompanying the photo:

Today, I investigated a crash on I-74 near Batesville where a large sheet of ice came off of a vehicle and shattered the window of another vehicle. The vehicle that lost the ice did not stop at the scene. The driver and passenger of this vehicle were showered with glass but otherwise not injured.
Trp. Korry Clark investigated a similar incident on I-65 near Columbus today.
Please remember to remove all ice and snow from your vehicle that may fall off and be a hazard to other motorists.
It may not seem like that big of a deal because it's just a small amount of ice, but when you're going at high speeds, it can become quite the powerful projectile.  Please be safe, and clean off your vehicle before hitting the road.

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