Raccoons have never been a favorite of mine. Although cute at times, most of the time they seemed vicious and kind of scary to me. I guess I just never met the right raccoon.

Living in the county, we had all sorts of animals come into our yard for a number of reasons. Usually, it's a dog or cat that has sadly been dropped off by someone who didn't want them anymore. But, on some occasions, an animal like a deer would appear in our yard to walk into the barn or to lick on the salt lick cube we had for our horse.

The only time a raccoon would appear in our yard was to get into our trash can or garage. Once it was found, there was usually a lot of hissing. The sound they made is what scared me.

I came across a video of a raccoon trying to hide in a dresser drawer. It intrigued me that a raccoon was not only in someone's house but seemed fairly tame. So, I tried to find out more info.

What I found is a beautiful story of a family that saved a raccoon's life and taught her the power of love.

Bubbles was raised by the Sabelhaus family. They wanted me to know that Bubbles is not a pet. She comes and goes as she pleases. Most of the time, she chooses to snuggle.

Our fur babies are very well-loved. We have had the experience to raise a lot of different kinds of animals. A few from the wild. Once they were back on their feet they had the choice to return back to the wild. Some have chosen to share the love that we have taught them and just stay around. I tell everyone I feel like Snow White! Lol. - Carla 

Meet Bubbles.

Raccoon Raised By An Indiana Family Is Now A Part Of The Family

An orphaned baby raccoon stumbles across a family that changes his life.

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