A female jogger constantly pooping in yards lead to hilarious signs in Fishers, Indiana.

Residents of the Windermere neighborhood in Fishers, Indiana have been finding human wasted accompanied by used toilet paper in their yards every day lately.  There's no word on when this poop streak began, but the police are hoping to wipe this problem away soon.  One thing that stinks almost as bad as a stranger building a log cabin of waste in your yard would be fingering the wrong person for the crime.  Apparently, a woman's reputation was almost wrongly flushed down the toilet.  The Fishers Police Department says that they have now identified the poop pirate in a facebook post last Thursday,

Fishers police have identified the person responsible for defecating in yards located in the Windermere Neighborhood. Officers encouraged her to seek professional assistance, and criminal charges may be still filed in the future.

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If you are carrying toilet paper with you every morning when you jog, you can't claim that you had an accident.  That's just my two cents.

Oddly enough, this is not as rare as we would like to think.  Below you'll find some of our favorite, side-splitting serial pooper stories that took place in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

Serial Public Poopers of the Midwest

Serial Public Poopers of the Midwest

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