An Indiana police officer was caught of guard over the weekend when a man he suspected to be in possession of marijuana revealed he that was hiding something more frightening than weed in his pants.

According to reports, an officer spotted a man cruising around on a four-wheeler along the downtown city streets of Indianapolis on Sunday, and immediately pulled him over.

When the officer approached the all-terrain vehicle, he smelled the odor of “fresh, raw marijuana” and began to question the suspect about it. The 21-year-old man told the officer that what he smelled was the marijuana he had just smoked embed in his clothing. However, the officer wasted no time telling the suspect that he was well aware of the difference between the smell of burned and raw marijuana, and then initiated a search. That is when things got weird…

While the officer was groping the man’s crotch, he noticed that the man was becoming extremely nervous. That is when the man told the officer he packing more than weed. “As I began to look, (the suspect) told me he had herpes and to be careful,” wrote the officer in a report.

Incidentally, the officer discovered a baggie of marijuana and arrested the man for possession. Yet, “It should be noted that it was not weighed due to the biohazard of it being in (the man’s) pants,” wrote the officer.

In Indiana, possession of less than 30 grams of marijuana can earn a person one year in prison. Herpes, however, is a lifetime of misery anywhere in the world.

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