Organ donation saves thousands of lives across the country, and Indiana set an all-new record in 2022.

Why Organ Donation

Becoming an organ donor in Indiana is not mandatory, but it is easy and free to do. Sixteen people die in the United States every single day waiting for an organ transplant and every nine minutes, another person is added to the national waitlist to receive a donated organ. A single donor can save the lives of eight people and benefit the lives of dozens more through tissue donations like corneas, tendons, and bones. Donate Life Indiana says,

Donation is a rare and incredible gift. The medical condition of a potential donor at time of death determines if donation is possible and what organs and tissue can be donated. Unfortunately, only three in 1,000 people are medically eligible to become organ donors.

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Breaking Records

According to Indiana Donor Network, 1,116 organs were transplanted in 2022. That is more than any other year in the history of the organization. In addition to an all-time record-breaking number of donations, Hoosiers broke another record with more Indiana residents becoming organ donors - 960,000! According to Indiana Donor Network,

Indiana Donor Network, the federally designated organ recovery organization that coordinates organ, tissue and cornea donation in Indiana and transplantation throughout the U.S., hit new heights in 2022, transplanting an all-time high of 1,116 lifesaving organs.

The milestone is an 18% increase in annual transplants compared to 2021, when 949 organs were transplanted.

Also, the selfless gifts of 1,267 tissue and cornea donor heroes resulted in 14,392 tissues recovered in 2022, including 141 hearts for valve transplant, 3,701 skin grafts and 382 corneas.

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Sign Up to Become an Organ Donor

So you're ready to become a donor, but you're unsure if you qualify? Anyone can sign up to become an organ donor, regardless of age, gender, pre-existing medical conditions, etc. You can sign up now to become a donor by visiting Donate Life Indiana.

[Source: Indiana Donor Network; Donate Life Indiana]

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