For some strange reason, we are obsessed with pieces of food that are shaped like things that resemble other, ordinary things. Whether it's a potato chip, piece of fruit, or a chicken nugget, we can't get enough. And, we see them all the time

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Seeing shapes of states in our food

Buzzfeed put together a list of foods shaped like all 50 states and it's hilarious. I like the California scone, the Delaware steak, the Illinois cornflake, and the Nevada Wheat Thin. Some of the foods items, like some of the cakes, cookies, and pancakes, are intentionally shaped like the state. To me, those don't count.

Indiana shaped Chicken nugget

I saw this on Facebook Marketplace last year and I had to agree, this McDonald's Chicken Nugget is shaped just like the state of Indiana. What shocked me was the fact that David Cissell was trying to sell the Hoosier shaped nugget on Facebook for $500.


Like me, I know you think that selling the nugget for $500 is insane. No word on whether he actually did sell it or not. I'm thinking he probably had to come down, quite a bit, on the price. 

Most expensive pieces of food ever sold

A Cheeto shaped like a gorilla sold for $100,000. That blows my mind. I guess it was shaped like a famous gorilla. But, still. that is insane. Talk about having to much money to know what to do with it.

I should have sold this mad, spooky, Halloween cat for some cash. LOL

And, my white American cheese slice shaped like Minnesota. Oh, well. I ended up eating them both.

Leslie Morgan
Leslie Morgan

Funny state food puns


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