For decades, if not centuries, there have been stories from people swearing on their lives and whatever else they can swear on, claiming to have spotted what we all know as "Bigfoot." A half-man/half-ape-looking thing standing seven or eight feet tall evolution forgot to finish and apparently spends its days off the grid, hiding from humanity in the forest. Over those years, several photos and videos claiming to have captured the elusive creature on film have surfaced, nearly all of which are such low quality we don't get a good, clear look at what this thing actually is. However, I have never seen one as bad as the one an Indiana man shared in a Facebook group recently.

Sometimes a person's tone or skepticism can be hard to pick up on in the written form, so before we get to the picture in question, let me be perfectly clear on something — when it comes to the existence of Bigfoot, I am not a believer. In this day and age, with the technology we have, I believe that if such a thing existed, we would have found it by now. According to Encyclopedia Brittanica, the first person to have claimed to have seen Bigfoot was British explorer David Thompson in 1811 after stumbling upon a few large footprints in the mud he couldn't explain. 1811. That means if Bigfoot or whatever its species do exist, it's managed to remain hidden from the world for over 210 years. Which, in my opinion, is impossible. I may be more inclined to believe in its existence if it were one, two, or even three feet tall. At least then it could hide in a tree, or under a rock, or whatever. But, every story you hear claims it has the height of a professional basketball player and the build of an NFL offensive lineman. The only rock it might be able to hide behind is Dwayne Johnson.

With that said, I'm not here to trash you if you believe there is a possibility they exist. Scour the forests, listen for weird sounds, look for larger-than-normal footprints, go crazy. I respect that. I'm not trying to convince you it's not real, I'm just telling you I personally don't think it is.

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Regardless of if you're a believer or not, one thing I think we can all agree on is that this "photo" (I use that term loosely) which was recently shared in the Facebook group, Abandoned and Forgotten Indiana, of Bigfoot in southern Indiana may be the worst ever. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't allow photos posted in groups to be shared on external sites like this one. However, you can see it here. Trust me, it's worth the click.

I'm going to move forward and assume you looked at it, so let me share my thoughts. My first thought was that it looked like a painting. There's little-to-no definition on anything. Plus, it looks like the white spots on the leaves were painted on to give some illusion of the sun reflecting off them. I've watched enough old Bob Ross episodes to know how those little techniques work. And why does Bigfoot look like he has the same type of eyes as Spider-Man? If it's not a painting, then the person who took it went way overboard with the artsy Instagram filter. It looks like when someone's skin looks way too smooth in a selfie and you just want to want to say, "Girl, what are you doing? You look like a mannequin."

I understand phone camera quality diminishes when you zoom in as far it allows, but that would cause the picture to blur to the point where it would look pixelated. This doesn't look like that to me.

For a moment I thought the person who shared it did so as a joke, but they did respond to one of the comments saying they took it in "late spring/early summer." If that's the case, why wait until January to share it? If it were me, I would have posted it that day, or as soon as I got to a place where I had a data connection (assuming I didn't have one when the photo was taken.)

I'm not the only one who thinks it looks altered. A few people who commented on the photo ask for an unfiltered version to which the person who posted it responds with a claim that it is the original photo, and in one case says the beast was "running across the road" when he took it.

Now, I have thought it is entirely possible that if it is a joke, they are so committed to it, they're saying whatever will keep people believing they think it's real. If that's the case, I say, "Bravo!" to them, and well-played.

Again, I'm not here to judge. I wasn't there when this photo was taken, so I don't have any evidence to dispute it other than my own disbelief that Bigfoot exists. All I'm saying is when it comes to photos of Bigfoot, even the creature himself would look at this one and go, "Dude, really?"

Other Sightings

This isn't the first time someone has claimed to have spotted Bigfoot in Indiana. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization's website (yes, that is a real thing) lists 82 reported sightings from counties across the state dating as far back as 1937 and as recently as June of 2020. Here are six from our part of the state (southern Indiana):

Vanderburgh County - June 1980

  • When: Between 5:00 - 6:00 a.m.
  • Where: Northern part of the county in the area bordered on the east by Darmstadt Road and on the north by Mt. Pleasant Road.
  • Eyewitness Account from

I was going to feed rabbits I raised, when I heard someone walking through the brush, when I looked I saw a dark figure of what looked like a man. when I said "hello" it swayed from side to side and studied me, then began to approach me, I then could see very deep eye sockets oddly shaped, and it was covered in black hair. I turned and ran to the house, no sounds were heard. I was twenty feet or less from the creature when I saw it.


Warrick County #1 - August 1937

  • When: August 16th, 1937 (approximate)
  • Where: Boonville, Indiana
  • Eyewitness Account from (Newspaper Clipping):

...Persons living near Cypress Beach, a few miles south of here, have told tales of encountering a giant beast which specializes in blood-curdling screams in the middle of the night and leaves footprints larger than a human's.

Ralph Duff, a fisherman, first reported the animal about a year ago after his police dog was torn to shreds in an encounter with the beast.

This week-end (sic) Mrs. Duff said she heard a terrifying howl late in the night and saw a tower monster larger than a bear. When she screamed, the beast ran away.

Duff believes that the animal is a huge ape, which lives in one of the caves along the river, and has set a number of bear traps.


Warrick County #2 - July 2006

  • When: Between 9:30 - 10:00 p.m.
  • Where: Elberfeld, in the area bordered by Old State Road 57 to the east, County Road 1050 North to the north, North Road to the west, and Nobles Chapel Road to the south.
  • Eyewitness Account from

Some neighbors and I went four wheeling on our dirt bikes and quads. It was about 6:30 PM when we left. About 9:30 PM we stopped to repair a chain on one of the bikes. We were all gathered around his bike when we all heard a moan that sounded like a cross between a tornado warning siren and wolf howl. We all froze while we listened to this thing moan about 5 or 6 times. The lead rider in our group grabbed his rifle out of his case. He hikes out into these woods all the time and I've never seen him grab a weapon to defend himself against anything in these woods.

After the moans subsided we waited frozen there for about 30 seconds when we heard about 6 knocks like someone hitting their knuckles against a tree. We were all frozen stiff in fear. Nobody made any movements. After we heard the knocks we started hearing something run through the woods. It sounded like it was running really fast. As soon as we heard this we abandoned the bike and jumped on our vehicles while Mark rode on the back of my quad on the way back.

We went back to that spot the next day around noon and the bike was not on the trail where we left it. It was about 5 ft off the trail into the brush, as if it had been tossed there. We never found any footprints or anything of that sort but I am positive after hearing the same noises on the sound clips on this site that what we encountered was a sasquatch.

Spencer County #1 - July 1968

I was just a young boy then staying at my grandfather's farm in the summer time. I slept up in the attic at night with my uncle Donnie who was helping my grandfather with his dairy farm. We had just laid down when my uncle Donnie got right back up and headed downstairs. I was on my stomach looking East out the window. (We had two windows in the attic for ventilation. One was on the west and the other was on the east end.)

We had a small brooder house just east of the farm house. I also was looking out over the kitchen roof which was actually an add on to an old house porch. Suddenly a "man" walked out in the open from just north of the brooder shed as a truck pulled into the driveway. At the same time a truck pulled into the drive way.

The driveway came up the hill (the one lane gravel road ran north to south) to the east and then curved toward the north (to the kitchen area). The headlights glanced or lit up the creature. Three things I noticed. First the hair, face, or body did not shine or reflect any light. The creature was very dark. This could be one reason big foot is difficult to spot or see in wooded areas. Secondly, I realized it did not look like a man because the arms were abnormally long. Just like a man the arms were swinging, but closer to the knees than the ordinary person. Height appeared close to that of a normal adult male. I would say under six foot tall but not under five foot tall. The head was fairly rounded.

The creature dashed off to the west, and quite frankly I was petrified with fear. My uncle Donnie liked to scare me with "Boogie Man" stories, and I had just seen my first real live one.

A little later the truck left and my uncle Donnie came up. I told him I had seen somebody outside by the shed. He went back downstairs, told my grandfather, and they grabbed their shotguns and searched around the house, and then drove the old ford pick-up up and down the road several times with flash lights. They did not see or find anyone.

Spencer County #2 - September 2008

It's taken me a long time to share this story (about 7 years). My family, friends and I use to ride atv's very often, usually on the weekends. I had the biggest 4 wheeler so I usually stayed in the very back in case someone got into trouble or hung up, there was about 15 atv's. One night we were going through a classified forest called Kramers woods, which is an old growth forest with a tight winding trail and massive trees. As we went around a wet, muddy turn I seen the atv in front of mine, lights reflecting off the water hit something behind a tree that I was approaching. It looked hairy but I wasn't sure. Well, as I approached the tree while turning the atv left the thing (which was on my right) and I locked eyes. I'm 44 now so I would have been 37 at the time. I'm 6' tall 250lbs and rigid, I'm an old country boy and fear no man and could match or best most in strength, but this thing was no man, it was massive and was barely hiding behind this massive tree. It was tight against the tree with both hands flat on it and its chest tight against its hands. what happens next is very strange to me, but I know they are more than just an animal now, when he and I looked at each other we both knew he goofed and got caught in among that chain of atv's, I was instantly terrified but then instantly knew he was as scared as I was and wanted this situation to end. It was like we were in each others head and came to an agreement to just go on. My wife was riding with me so I never reacted because she would have screamed bloody murder if she would have seen it, it was 3 feet from us... I knew it was a male, just knew. He was at least 8 1/2' tall, I was the same height on my 4 wheeler as I was standing, and I looked way up at it. It's funny how small you feel, this thing could have easily have grabbed me, my wife or entire atv and threw us, that's how powerful it looked. I cant put to words how powerful it looked. I have gone online several times to try and see what i saw. Seen the white one on youtube but this one looked more human, people report red triangulated eyes, smelly & long matted coat, this one was none of that. Its coat was brownish orange with 2-3" straight hair. I could see greyish skin and muscle mass. there is no body builder on the planet with the size muscle mass this thing had. Not much of a neck but its head was huge, its eyes were 2-3 times bigger, but just like ours with whites and pupil. The whites of his eyes I'll never forget because his eyes were what I was stuck on the most, the rest of him was at a glance. His mouth was very wide (4-5") with its lips pulled tight from fear (just like us). As I pulled away he took one step and vanished. I was amazed at how he was just gone, that quick.

Bloomington, IN - Time and Date Unknown

This alleged sighting is not documented on, but was uploaded to YouTube on May 17th, 2016 by a channel called Real Paranormal Videos. As you'll see, the short, extremely fuzzy video, shows a wooded area claiming to be around Bloomington. Around the 17-second mark, a large creature enters the frame from the right-side of the screen and lumbers it's way across the landscape before disappearing behind what appears to be a large tree or rock.

This one feels staged to me. The out of focus effect of the shot could have easily been added after filming with video editing software. Plus, unless it was shot on an old camcorder, I don't see to many videos these days with white framing lines in the corners and battery power meter. There's also the fact the "beast" looks like someone dressed in one of those padded red man training suits law enforcement uses covered in military-grade camouflage. That's just my two cents. Take a look at the video and judge for yourself.

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