If you hunt in the state of Indiana, you can donate your deer to help feed those in need with Hoosier Feeding the Hungry. If you're heading out into the woods to hunt this season, consider donating your game or your dollars to Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry. So how does it work? According to their website:

  1. Hunters and farmers donate large game and livestock to participating meat processing shops that are State or Health Inspected.
  2. Tax deductible donations are used to pay for the processing, cutting, and wrapping of donated meat.
  3. Processors will cut and wrap the meat into 1 and 2 pound packages, perfect for families.
  4. The packaged meat is then given at no charge to local Feeding America food banks and local hunger relief agencies.
  5. The meat is then distributed to area families in need within your community!


There are two ways to donate game - game needs to fresh, legally tagged, cleaned and field dressed before dropping it off to a participating, state-licensed processing facility and the organization will pay to have the venison processed and distributed to shelters across Indiana. You can also donate a pound after you pay to have your game processed. To learn more, visit HoosiersFeedingTheHungry.org.

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