Indiana is always full of surprises. You can be driving down the road and all of a sudden BAM a giant peach next to a small version of the Washington monument.  One minute you're driving down Highway 41 minding your own business, and the next a massive Santa Claus statue is waving at you.  These are just a couple roadside oddities you can stop by and see during your Indiana travels, but have you heard of the House of Bells?

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House of Bells is a perfect name for this place as there's hundreds of bells.  You can't begin to count them all there's so many.  I recently heard about House of Bells in a Facebook group I'm in called "Indiana Images" in this group many people share cool photos all from the state of Indiana, but these photos caught my eye. The photos were posted by Kevin Robertson, who recently took a drive to see the House of Bells and snap several photos. This place is truly a roadside treasure.

I did some Googling and found House of Bells on Here's what they say about House of Bells:

Bells fill the front yard -- but this place is much more than just bells. There are huge battleship chains, buckets that you can swing in, traps to catch 50-foot-tall bears, and Paul Bunyan's ax.

Different reviews left on say that while the house looks abandoned, there are signs posted saying the property is under video surveillance, no doubt to curb any potential acts of vandalism.  House of Bells is truly a marvel as you'll see from the photos below.

Indiana House of Bells is an Eerie Roadside Marvel

 I recently heard about House of Bells on Facebook these photos by Kevin Robertson caught my eye. This place is truly an eerie roadside treasure.

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