Some people are put on this earth to bring happiness and positivity to the lives of others. Janet Richard, of Newburgh, IN, is one of those people. Nothing can stop or slow her down, either. She just uses them as her inspiration to do wonderful things in her community.

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You might remember, back in 2020, when Janet set up a giving wall in front of her house. The wall was a place for people to give, and people to take, if they needed to. The beginning of the pandemic was such an uncertain and frightening time. Janet's wall brought a community together in support of each other.

The wall went viral and many other communities started a giving wall of their own.

Newburgh Woman Makes A 'Giving Wall' For Those in Need

But even before The Giving Wall, she made our Halloween dreams come true with a Harry Potter themed yard display. He magical skeletons also become a worldwide hit.

Historic Newburgh House Takes On Spooky Harry Potter Theme For Halloween

Now, in spite of a boot cast on her foot, Janet has brought Mardi Gras to Newburgh and Southern, IN.

Her inspiration was from a group in New Orleans that came about out of necessity during the pandemic.

Mardi Gras parades have returned this year and so have house floats. A tradition borne out of the pandemic has been embraced by both residents and business owners across New Orleans and beyond for the second year in a row. As of Jan. 28, close to 1,200 people had signed up to decorate their homes and businesses as floats.

According to, Krewe of House Floats founder Megan Boudreaux...

<p class="gnt_ar_b_p">...sparked the new tradition in the fall of 2020 when Mardi Gras parades were canceled due to the pandemic. <a class="gnt_ar_b_a" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener" data-t-l=":b|e|inline click|${u}">A social media post</a> she shared on Twitter, inspired hundreds of people to celebrate in place and decorate their homes as elaborate stationary floats.</p><p> </p>

The article also went on to say,

In 2020 they canceled everything including parades. In New Orleans, during Mardi Gras, the houses on the parade route decided to decorate their porches so everyone could still enjoy the spirit of the Carnival. Thus starting Porch Parades. So with all the snow and ice and Covid still looming over us, I decided to create my own Porch Parade! The skeletons came out to help feed the birds and decorate the yard. Enjoy!

After learning of house/porch/yard Mardi Gras parades, Janet decided to put one up herself.

Newburgh Home Celebrates Mardi Gras With House Parade Skeleton Yard Display

Inspired by a new tradition started during the pandemic, a Newburgh women brings Mardi Gras to the Trisate.

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