We all hear people talking about the fact that there are shortages everywhere, and we see the effects of those shortages in just about every area of our lives. Most of the shortages we hear about involve people and professions down here on the ground - but there is also a shortage happening in the skies above us. There is a nationwide shortage of pilots, and if you've been to the airport recently, you have probably seen how that is affecting travel.

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How Do We Find More Pilots?

I guess when it gets to the point where you can't find any more qualified pilots, you've got to start from scratch and essentially create some - that's what one flight school in Indianapolis is doing. LIFT Academy (Leadership In Flight Training) has offered FREE lessons for 16 young people who are interested in a career in aviation. These lessons will allow young students to get a private pilot license. SIDE NOTE: I wonder if they are allowed to smile for their pilot license photo. 

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The LIFT Academy Approach

According to LIFT's website, what makes the school so unique is the approach to creating new pilots. The goal is simple, to make sure students are ready to fly for commercial airlines after graduation. LIFT does this by providing the following:

Advanced Training

Students will benefit from instruction that goes beyond FAA and industry standards provided by experienced aviation professionals. They’ll also receive training on advanced flight simulators produced by Diamond Aircraft Industries that provides the most realistic cockpit simulation environment.

Advanced Technology

When it’s time to get in the plane, students will receive flight training on advanced new Diamond aircraft, including the DA40 single-engine and the DA42 twin-engine aircraft.

The Chance to Earn While You Learn

Our students have the chance to become certificated flight instructors, where they'll be paid to instruct other students while building flight time and the skills necessary to become successful leaders in the aviation field.

A Direct Pathway to Republic After Completion

Students who successfully complete the program will have a direct pathway to a career as a pilot with Republic Airways.

If you've ever considered a career in aviation, I reckon the LIFT Academy is as good a place to start as any.

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