Love isn't easy. It takes a lot of understanding, compromise, empathy and patience. What you think love should be, your pre conceived notions, is never how it turns out to be. Then you are left feeling as if you are somehow doing it all wrong.

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If your love with your partner isn't the same as your friends, your parents, or even in the movies, you feel like you are failing. But, I'm here to tell you that love, in a relationship or marriage is different for everybody. You can't gage your love by measuring it against that of others. For each couple, love, and the evolution of love, is always different. Mine boarders between a sad drama, to a hilarious romantic comedy, and then to one of the greatest love stories of al time.

Our relationship has been so far from perfect.

As a couple we've been through some very difficult times. Even before we met each other, we barely survived or previous relationship.

But, there have been moments that words cannot describe. Times when all of life on earth seemed to stand still. The only sound was our breathing and heartbeats. At times it was pure magic. The very reason that art, music, and literature are created.

One of those moments happened in Eastland Mall.

What was supposed to be just a Valentine's Day date in Evansville, turned out to be that best date I ever had in my entire life. I was forty-two at the time, so I had done my fair share of dating.

But, that evening, we had a great and relaxing dinner, then casually stopped by the mall. When we walked inside, we walked down the J.C. Penney store and tight toward the perfume store.

Finding the perfect scent

My husband had a plan, a plan to find the essence of me in a perfume scent. I was in awe of this romantic gesture. It was like something out of a movie.

After narrowing it down to two scents, he waked closer to me and held the sample strips up to my neck. under my ear, leaned down closer, almost touching my skin and smelled me with each scent. It was at that moment, time just stopped

It was like everything was in slow motion. I was afraid to breath. Thinking that if I did, I would wake up from the dream.

The Essence of Me

He walked toward the counter, picked up a dark purple bottle and slowly walked toward me. As he approached me, he took my wrist and sprayed the perfume on my skin. Looking into my eyes, he lifted me wrist slowly up toward my nose and said, Smell how beautiful you are. This is you. 

Here is the perfume that he picked out for me.


I wear Versace, Crystal Noir everyday and never any other scent. I always get compliments and I  get asked, by men and woman, what scent I'm wearing because it smells so incredible. It always fills my heart with love and beautiful memories.

Beyond the Bottle of Perfume

The most romantic gift he gave me wasn't the bottle of perfume her bought for me that night, it was the feeling he gave me during the process of picking it out. The gift of feeling beautiful, adored and loved completely.

Do something, this Valentine's Day, to make the one you love feel special. Do something you wouldn't normally do, something they don't expect. Make time stand still by showing them how you feel, not just telling them.

Happy Valentine's Day! XO

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