If you're use to driving with your phone in your hand, you're going to need to put that down. Beginning July 1, 2020 a new distracted driving law will be taking effect in Indiana.

According to a recent post to Facebook from Indiana State Police Sergeant Stephen Wheeles, the new law will prohibit motorists from holding or operating a cell phone or other mobile electronics while the vehicle is moving. The law, known technically as HEA 1070 states, “a person may not HOLD or USE a telecommunications device while operating a motor vehicle.” You will still be able to hold calls by using hands-free or voice control technologies. You also can still use your device to make an emergency call to 911. For those that drive larger vehicles, particularly commercial vehicles that way over 10,000 pounds, you will still be able to use your CB radios.

Why is this new law so important? According to the CDC,  9 people are killed every single day in the United States and over 1,000 sustain injuries as the result of distracted driving and according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, you can travel the length of a football field in 5 seconds while driving 55 mph - that's the same amount of time it takes to send or read a text message. So while, we all know that we shouldn't be texting while driving - or trying to manipulate our maps app, many of us still do and that's what makes this new law necessary. So while it won't become illegal to use your device while driving until July 1st, let's just go ahead and agree to put it down while we're driving.

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