Look out! There's a new dinosaur in town! Dinosaurs, while extinct, have always been popular. Whether in tv and movies or on toys and clothes, the prehistoric creatures bring joy to so many. Here in Southern Indiana, there has been a new dino craze that has caught on - the FelleREXpress.


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Meet the Dinos of FelleREXepress

The first of the dinosaurs that make up the herd at FelleREXpress is the 5-year-old T-Rex that started it all here in Evansville but Beaux isn't the oldest dinosaur in the area. Last year, in early 2022, Beaux welcomed home his big sisters Seraphina the Triceratops - age 7, and Roxy the 'Raptor - age 8.

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The Newest Dino on the Block

Most recently, FelleREXpress has welcomed a new dinosaur named Doddi to the herd. Doddi is a 9-year-old dilophosaurus and according to her handlers, she was rescued from an amusement park.

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Have you met Doddi, our 9-year-old dilophosaurus? She’s proof you CAN teach an old dino new tricks. Our lovely pandemic rescue, Doddi spent the first part of her life at an amusement park. Through no fault of her own, she was sold back to her creators, and she captured our hearts and burrowed a place within our diverse herd.

In addition to the four big dinos, Beaux, Sera, Roxy, and Doddi the FelleREXpress paddocks also house, 5 fledgling dinosaurs that are all 6 months old:

  • Cecelia or Cece the Triceratops
  • Takoda the Pteranodon
  • Dolly the Diplodocus
  • Dinosaurus the Spinosaurus
  • Stedman the Stegosaurus
Feller Express via Facebook

More Than Dinosaurs - Ice-Aged Mammals Too

As well as two 12-week-old hatchlings - Dicy the Dimorphodon and Apollo the Apatosaurus, and two ice-aged mammals: Griff the glyptotherium and Marmalade the wooly mammoth.

How to Have a Dino Experience of Your Very Own

Feller Express, which is connected to longtime Evansville businesses, Feller Limousine and Feller Towing, has been in business since 2017. Feller Express is comprised of a team of 12 rangers and trainers and they are available for birthday parties, library and camp programs, evening school events, and more. You can find Beaux and his friends on FacebookInstagram, and even on Tik Tok too!

If you love dinosaurs, be sure you keep scrolling to see the dinosaurs of Cave City, Kentucky.


Dinosaur World is in Cave City just beyond Bowling Green and a hidden gem in Kentucky for the kiddos. Our family visited for the first time during Fall Break and they loved it. The life-sized replicas of different dinosaurs seem so real. They also have a museum with fossils and education videos.


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