Indiana Comic Con is a comic book convention held yearly in Indianapolis, Indiana that connects nerds of different worlds by gathering them all in one place for an amazingly geeky bash! By catering to a wide variety of artistic interests, the Indiana Comic Con creates an environment conducive to nerding out with friends, meeting cult follower favorites, and family fun! This year's convention features a variety of celebrity guests, voice actors, creators, artists, and cosplay guests! The celebrity guests this year are amazing, featuring prominent actors and actresses such as:

Cary Elwes known for playing 'Westley' in the cult classic The Princess Bride,

Nichelle Nichols as 'Lieutenant Uhura' from Star Trek: The Original Series,

Sean Astin as 'Sam' from the Lord of The Rings trilogy,

And many, many more!

The event will take place at the Indianapolis Convention Center from April 14th - 16th, with a varying schedule of artists and times.

To purchase tickets, or for the entire Indiana Comic Con line up and specific times, visit the Indiana Comic Con official website!

Alternatively, pay a visit to their Facebook event page!

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