A University of Evansville Senior is seeking the help of the Tri-State after losing her pup in a wreck last week.  He got out of her truck in the chaos and has not been located.

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Baylee Geng was traveling back from Fall Break on Saturday, October 9, when she lost control of her truck here's what happened in her own words;

As some of you guys may already know, yesterday around 8:30 am I was in a pretty awful wreck. I was driving north on I69 heading home for fall break when I lost control of my truck and rolled into the median, the officers and EMTs who arrived on the scene believe I may have been the victim of a hit and run given the way the accident played out. While I’m sore and scratched up I suffered no serious injuries and am so grateful for that. However, my poor baby Tito was with me and ran away from the accident, he must be very scared and in an unfamiliar area who knows where he’ll turn up. I know most of my friends aren’t from around Daviess County either but that’s where the accident happened and if anyone traveling on 69 could keep their eyes peeled for my little brown dog I would really appreciate it.

There have been reported sightings of Tito in Wheatland, Bloomfield, and Evansville.  When he escaped the truck he was wearing a gray collar and orange harness.  Tito does have a microchip so if you think you may have found him please take him to the nearest animal clinic to have him scanned.

You can give Bayle a call at 260-336-7335.

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