What does that headline even mean? What makes one city a better place to go for Thanksgiving than another? There are, apparently, a lot of factors to take into consideration - things like the cost of a Thanksgiving dinner, the number of pumpkin patches, travel, and weather. Like it or not, Thanksgiving is big business for a lot of companies, so the financial aspect of the holiday cannot be overlooked.

When determining the best places in America to go for Thanksgiving, WalletHub.com looked at 20 key metrics in the 100 biggest (most populated) cities in the United States. Cities were scored in the following five categories:

  1. Thanksgiving Celebrations & Traditions
  2. Affordability
  3. Safety & Accessibility
  4. Giving Thanks
  5. Thanksgiving Weather Forecast

What do those things really mean? I don't know, man - I didn't do the doggone study. What I do know is that I was super excited to see a city in Indiana way up toward the top of the list, although I was surprised to see which city it was. I was even more surprised to see the ranking of Indiana's biggest city. Check it out below.


One of the Best and One of the Worst

Landing at #15 on the list, with a total score of 60.02 is Indiana's second-largest city, FORT WAYNE. What about Indiana's biggest city (and our state capital), Indianapolis? Sadly, Naptown was way down at the other end of the list, coming in at #91. Yikes!

Other Cities in Our Region

I don't know about you, but always like to see how our neighboring states and cities do in studies/reports like this. Here are some of those results...

  • #48 - Nashville, TN
  • #57 - Cincinnati, OH
  • #67 - Louisville, KY
  • #69 - St. Louis, MO

You can scroll over this map to see how the rest of the country did.

Source: WalletHub

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