Two Southern Indiana men found a rather large surprise when cleaning one of the blue catfish they caught in the Ohio River.

Richard Kesar and Jon Hoop were fishing on the Indiana / Ohio state line near Lawrenceburg, Indiana when they caught a large blue catfish.  They immediately noticed that the fish's stomach was bulging. Richard Kesar spoke to Fox 59 about that discovery,

We noticed when we got it in the boat that its stomach was huge.  It’s common to find other fish, sometimes turtles, muskrats, and other animals.

Where it may not be that unusual to catch a fish that swallowed something large, the item this fish swallowed was very unusual.  Richard Kesar of Shelbyville, Indiana brought the fish home and got out the fillet knife.  He began to slice the fish open while cleaning it.  Richard's wife, young daughter, and buddy Jon gathered around the fish as he pulled a large object from the fish's stomach.  That large object was a dildo.

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The adults had a good laugh as Richard's 3-year-old daughter kept asking what was in the fish.  It's unclear on how or why a sex toy ended up in the Ohio River.  It's hard to say where the dildo could have entered the water as the Ohio River is massive according to the Ohio River Foundation,

More than 25 million people in 11 different states call the Ohio River watershed home.

It's not every day that a catfish can catfish fishermen.  But seriously folks, stop throwing your martial aides in the water.  I think we should just blame this on Ohio.

Side note: There's no word on if the fishermen ate the fish or tossed it.  We're really hoping they tossed it.

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