Sometimes kids are too clever for their own good. They'll come up with an idea, but because they don't quite have the life experience of an adult, the plan they come up with to execute said idea leaves their parents and other adults in their lives scratching their heads and asking, "Why?" The results also give us a good chuckle as long as no one gets seriously hurt. That was the reaction of one Indiana mom who received an interesting and hilarious message from her son's school nurse.

Indiana Boy Hides Cantaloupe Seed in a Unique Place

Lauren Barker's son soon-to-be 5-year-old son, Dax, is a student at Evansville Day School. On Tuesday, Dax was eating lunch with his friends and enjoying some delicious cantaloupe Lauren had packed for him when he found a seed. Instead of sitting it on the side and throwing it in the trash when he was done eating, Dax decided he was going to take it home and plant it, so he could have all the cantaloupe he wanted, I assume. But, Dax's plan ran into a bit of a snag. Where could he stash the seed to keep it safe until he got home?

Thinkstock / Canva
Thinkstock / Canva

His pocket? No. It could fall out on the playground or if he reached in there to grab something else. His backpack? Nope. Maybe he could ask a teacher or another member of the staff for a bag or container to keep it in. No, that wouldn't work either. They probably would have just told him to throw it away, because we adults can be buzzkills like that sometimes.

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There apparently was only one other option in Dax's mind. One that generated these and several other reactions from Lauren's friends and family when she shared the note on her Facebook page:

I mean at least it stayed damp? Trying to find a good way to turn this.Hilarious! Perfect place to save your cantaloupe seed to plant at home!A future green thumb for sure. What a great story for all time. Sweet boy!!

So, where could Dax have possibly hidden that seed for safekeeping until he got home? I'll let the school nurse explain.

Lauren Barker
Lauren Barker

I'll give Dax 10 points for ingenuity. Hopefully, the "fruits" of his labor will pay off with as much cantaloupe as he can eat.

[Source: Lauren Barker on Facebook]

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