If you've noticed your kids showing an interest in what you're doing in the kitchen when it comes to putting a meal together, or you've even let them help you a time or two and they seem to have a knack for it, Indiana 4-H is giving them a chance to whip up their own meal, while learning more about other cultures around the world.

"Cooking Around the World" is six-week program for kids in grades 3 through 12 that will happen virtually through Zoom every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m Central Time January 23rd through February 27th (2021). Each interactive class will feature a live instructor showing kids how to prepare dishes enjoyed in other countries step-by-step.

What countries will be featured is unknown, but I have to think Asian, Mexican, and Italian food will featured in a few of the classes.

Registration is $30 and must be done in advance by filling out this form. The deadline for entry is January 5th.

There's nothing on the form or the Purdue Extension website stating your child must be a member of your local 4-H to participate. However, it may not hurt to reach out to your local Purdue Extension office to find out for sure. Phone numbers for those in our listening area are listed below.

  • Vanderburgh - (812) 435-5287
  • Posey - (812) 838-1331
  • Warrick - (812) 897-6100
  • Gibson - (812) 385-3491
  • Spencer - (812) 362-8066
  • Pike - (812) 354-6838
  • Dubois - (812) 482-1782
  • Knox - (812) 882-3509
  • Daviess - (812) 254-8668
  • Martin - (812) 295-2412
  • Perry - (812) 547-7084
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