Let's be honest. Iron Maiden's stage production revolving around their mascot Eddie is pretty damn epic, and wouldn't we all like to play onstage with an Eddie backdrop? But in a new interview with Forbes, Incubus' Brandon Boyd and Mike Einziger revealed that they have actually inquired about the availability of Maiden's Seventh Son of a Seventh Son stage production.

Both musicians reveal they were a little young to have caught the band in their early peak, but became fans in the late '80s and early '90s. "At 12 to 14, I was properly obsessed with Iron Maiden," says Boyd. So flash forward a few years later, and the group learned they had a tie to the legendary metal act.

"One of our longtime production team members used to work with Iron Maiden and we asked if we could borrow Eddie," explained Einziger. Boyd added, "We do it every two years and they said no every time. Right around every two years we ask Iron Maiden if we can take their Seventh Son of a Seventh Son tour production out, cause it's just sitting there in storage, and they say no."

The singer added, "We're gonna ask. It's like the woman you love and you profess your love to. You keep asking her to marry you and she keeps saying no. One of these days she might change her mind."

According to Einziger, the group first started asking around 2000/2001 as their star began to rise, but their sway has never been enough to get the metal vets to budge. Still, as far as production goes, it's something that many acts would aspire to.

Incubus are currently on tour and you can catch them at these stops. Meanwhile, Maiden are offering a career-spanning salute to their live performances with the "Legacy of the Beast" tour.

Iron Maiden's Eddie: Through the Years

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