Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced COVID-19 updates and more during his daily briefing on Wednesday afternoon (April 8th, 2020).

Highlights from the briefing included:

  • BMV taking appointments now to quickly process CDL and agriculture CDL licensees to keep delivery trucks on the road.
  • Indiana received 15 Point of Care Machines which can deliver coronavirus test results in 15 min.
  • 13 rules have been waived to meet the demands of adding EMS workers. EMS retirees and out of service workers are being ask to return to meet the growing demand.
  • 65,000 Hoosiers live in nursing homes, long term care facilities, residential facilities group homes, or correctional facilities. Details were given as to what is being done to protect the most vulnerable of our population who live together in such close proximity.

You can watch the entire press briefing below:

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