Now that Black Friday is a memory that rears it's ugly head with every credit card bill, its a safe bet to say most of those purchases weren't made at a "dollar store".

From questionable toys to Skerpies (rip-off of Sharpie), all of the random stuff at the dollar store hardly ever goes on sale. So its no surprise there isn't a line on Black Friday outside the store.

Improv Everywhere decided to create a fake "Black Friday" sale at a 99 cent store in New York City (yeah we get cheated a whole penny). They had volunteers pretended to camp out on the sidewalk outside the store. After the store opened, they crowded the store with those still in line corralled outside by fake security.

They purchased literally 10's of dollars of merchandise (it's a 99 cent store). A fake news crew also conducted interviews with bystanders, the volunteers pretending to be crazed shoppers, and the store employee.

All of which were pretty bummed when they did not see themselves on the news later that night.