The other day while scrolling through Facebook a post about Ozzy Osbourne's wine popped up. It caught my attention because the wine was autographed AND came in a coffin case.  This seems very appropriate for a wine made for the Prince of Darkness himself. I got to looking and realized the wine was made by Walker's Bluff! I knew that name sounded familiar so when I clicked on it, I realized it's from a winery that's about 2 hours from the Tri-State in Carterville Illinois.

Turns out the wine was made for the time Ozzy performed at Moonstock in 2017! Remember the awesome performance where Ozzy played a perfectly timed 'Bark at the Moon' as the solar eclipse took place? It's still one of the most wild videos I've ever seen.

Ozzy Osbourne Solar Red is still being sold by Walker's Bluff. They have the special edition I mentioned above where it comes in a coffin case and autographed, that will set you back $500.  But if you just want your own bottle of Ozzy Osbourne Solar Red, they usually run $27, but I noticed are currently on sale for $10.99.

Walker's Bluff describes Solar Red as:

 A medium bodied dry red wine made from a blend of high quality Zinfandel and Syrah grapes. Solar Red contains fruity notes of fig, plum, cherry and cranberry jam combined with some earthy characteristics and a backbone of oak. It finishes with a slightly spicy black pepper taste. This wine pairs exceptionally well with pork, roasted game, lamb, BBQ chicken and tomato based pasta.

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