I guess you could say the town of Casey, Illinois is known for its size - it's known for being a small town full of big things, and I'm talking about big on a global scale. Little ol' Casey, Illinois is home to a dozen of the World's Largest items - in some cases, items that are normally really small. In addition to the record-setting items, they have a bunch of other 'really big but not biggest in the world' kinda items. Casey, Illinois is proud of their supersized roadside attractions, so much so that they have their own Big Things, Small Town website.

Looking at all these gigantic items takes me back to the late 80's when Rick Moranis hit it big in the box office with the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. In case you're unfamiliar with this family classic, it's about a group of kids that gets shrunken down to the size of insects. The adventure begins when they must face a whole new world of dangers as they wait to be brought back to their normal size. [Reminder: if you need more 80's in your life, we got you taken care of with our Feel Good 80's Weekends, every doggone weekend on MY105.3!]

I imagine you will feel like one of those shrunken kids when you're standing next to the world's largest golf tee - which happens to be the height of a three-story building - and even the biggest human will feel teeny tiny next to the nearly 60-foot tall world's largest rocking chair.

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Getting up close and personal with all of the larger-than-life attractions in Casey will cost you exactly $0, even the ones that you can interact with. Ring the whopping wind chime, climb into the massive mailbox, take a swing in the big ol' birdcage, and more, absolutely free of charge.

Illinois Town Will Make You Feel Like You are in the Movie HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS

Remember the 80s classic "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids"? What's it like to feel like a tiny ant looking up at the giant world around you? There's a small town only two hours from the tri-state that is home to over 20 giant items. Being surrounded by them definitely gives you the perspective of an itty bitty bug.

Lacey Marsh and her family visited the small town during spring break this year and shared her photos with us. She said, "It's a really neat place! And people were very friendly."

For more on the attractions at Casey, IL, visit the website bigthingssmalltown.com.

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