Looking for new ways to keep the kids entertained while they are at home? Here's an idea from IKEA.

Do you remember when we were kids making forts at home? You'd use up all of the chairs and sheets in the house just to make the coolest fort to camp out in the living room or your bedroom. It was a blast! What kid didn't enjoy doing that?!

Kids still enjoy doing this, right? I feel like the only difference is that now they just make sure they have their tablet in there with them to watch YouTube, whereas we were just content hanging out in the furniture fort.

The state of the world we live in with this pandemic has us staying at home more and finding new ways to entertain ourselves. IKEA is doing their part with helping in that endeavor. The furniture and home accessory company has put together instructions on how to make six different kinds of forts at home.

These designs were made by IKEA Russia and advertising agency Instinct to encourage people to stay home during this pandemic. The instructions are simple, and some of the items needed are in Russian, but luckily the designs are clear enough for you to figure out what to use with the images.

Each fort uses IKEA products as well as items that can be found at home, from blankets to books. Of course, you don't have to use items from IKEA to create these forts. I'm sure you have several items at home that would do the trick.

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Take a look below at the six different fort designs below and give them a try to entertain your kids or to relive your childhood.

(H/T- Insider)

IKEA Furniture Fort Designs

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