One of the many things that has bummed me out about this whole COVID-19 thing is all the cancelled sports. For example, normally I would be watched the NCAA Tournament last weekend and anticipated watching it again this weekend, getting frustrated when a team I picked to make the Final Four gets upset in the second round completely trashing my bracket, but not this year, because, you know, coronavirus. But, that's OK, clearly everyone's health and well-being is far more important, so I totally understand and fully agree with the sports world essentially shutting down until the curve starts to flatten. One man who is impacted by the shutdown far more than fans like me is Fox Sports' play-by-play man, Joe Buck. With baseball season on an indefinite hiatus, the one-time voice of the St. Louis Cardinals has been isolating himself at home with his family, and like the rest of us, is getting a little stir-crazy, but he's found a fun way to help pass the time and keep his skills sharp at the same time.

It started last Sunday when he posted on Twitter that to keep from getting rusty, he would gladly provide play-by-play to random videos people send him on the social media site. He started with one of his own featuring his wife and their young son Wyatt.

Since then he's provided commentary on a young boy's golf game,

One guy's dart game,

And this guy's grill skills.

You get the idea. Joe has filled his Twitter feed with several of these videos and I assume will continue to do so while he sits and waits with the rest of us for sports to start up again. All he needs is more videos, and that's where you come in.

Simply tweet Joe a video, then sit and wait to see if he picks yours for one of his "Quarantine Calls." What else do you have to do while you're sitting at home riding the storm out, so to speak. Chances are he's getting flooded with them, so it may be a while before he gets to yours, if he even gets to it at all, but you won't know unless you try, right?

There is one catch that Joe mentioned in his first tweet, if your video is selected, he asks that you publicly pledge to donate to a local charity, "Even if it’s a dollar." Obviously we have a ton of of great and well-deserving non-profits in the Tri-State who are struggling during this unprecedented time in our history that I imagine would be more than happy to accept whatever you're able to give at this time. So send Joe you're video, and let me know if he picks it. I'd be happy to feature it here. Good luck!

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