The wild temperature swings we've had in the Tri-State over the past couple of weeks haven't only taken their toll on our bodies (especially those of us who absolutely despise cold weather), but the roads we drive on everyday as well. The cold causes the concrete and asphalt to constrict, while the warmer weather causes it to expand. Couple that with thousands of vehicles of all shapes and size driving on top of them, and it won't be long before we see a rash of potholes across the city of Evansville.

Fortunately, the City has a couple of easy ways to let them know where the potholes are so they can fix them. You can go the more modern technology route and tell them on Twitter by using the hashtag, #EvvPotholes, or you can head over to the Action Center of the City's website and complete the online form telling them who you are and where the problem can be found. The form can also be used to report alley maintenance, street flooding, clogged storm inlets, and request snow removal from public areas.

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