Walt Disney World resorts have been closed since March 16, 2020, due to COVID-19. If that isn't sad enough, there is no reopen date as of April 20. The Walt Disney properties are closed until further notice. Usually, we plan our visit around Christmas. Not this year. There was a nice deal offered, so we have a trip booked for June 21, 2020. That is probably going to get rescheduled, especially if they open the parks one section at a time.

So, I'm trying to share as much Disney Magic as I can, because it's a nice distraction. Today, I've got a copy cat recipe that even the pickiest eaters will like. Unless, they don't like cheese. We are going to make the Grilled Three-Cheese sandwich, found at Woody's Toy Box in Hollywood Studios. I noticed a couple of interesting things about this recipe: You'll need a food processor. Yes, to make a grilled cheese. You will not use any butter. Crazy, right? Well, let's see how it tastes.

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Source:[Disney Parks]

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