Last year at the Fall Festival I found my new favorite food: The Grilled Chizza. (Shout out to The Turning Point, Booth 121!) I quickly got addicted, and when Fall Fest was over I quickly got sad. But then, I put my thinking cap on and taught myself how to make them so I can enjoy them year-round.


If you don't know what a Grilled Chizza is, then you missed out on the greatest Fall Fest food delicacy this past year. Essentially, it's a grilled cheese, but with pizza goodness in the middle.


Note: This is MY recipe. This isn't the way Booth 121 made them. If you want to know EXACTLY how they did it and replicate your Grilled Chizza perfectly check out our video from the Fall Fest last year.


I just like being a rebel and doing things my own way.



Step 1: Ingredients!



You'll need:

Texas Toast style bread (it's thicker and holds all the stuff better)
Mozzarella cheese (I use shredded cheese, but you can use Mozzarella slices, they work just as well)
Marinara sauce
Parsley flakes (optional)

and a stove!




Step 1b: Clean your nasty-ass stove, Chynna





Step 2: Put some cheese on that bread.


Now, what you're SUPPOSED to do is put a lid on your skillet while your grilling the cheese so that the cheese melts and gets all gooey.


THIS CHICK dropped her lid the other day and it decided to shatter into a million pieces on her kitchen floor. Rude.


SO, if you don't have a lid, what you do is put the cheese on the bread and then nuke it in the microwave for 30 seconds to melt it. (This is BEFORE you grill it.)


Once the cheese is melted (whether by lid or by microwave) add parsley flakes to one side. Or both. It's up to you. I just feel like both sides is a bit too much parsley for me.



Step 3: GRILL. THAT. CHEESE! One piece at a time.

Don't put those cheesy pieces of goodness together just yet!


Grill each piece separately. Just like you would a normal grilled cheese sandwich, with butter, but just separately.



And use a better spatula than the warped monstrosity I have...



Step 4: Adding the good stuff.


Now, add marinara to both pieces. Then add pepperonis to just one side. (I like to use just 5).




Step 6: Smoosh it all together and put it in your mouth!!!




I like to add a side of marinara for dipping. Because my life motto is: You can never have too much marinara.



And there you have it! A Fall Festival treat you can have year-round!


Side note: while the Grilled Chizza at the Fall Fest only had pepperoni's in the middle, now that you have the recipe you can experiment! Instead of pepperoni's you could use sausage, or add peppers! Use your own favorite toppings! But please, for the love of god....don't add pineapple.

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