This is a prime example of a life hack that everyone could use at some point.

The Super Bowl was last night. Perhaps you had a couple of close friends over for the game. You might have even made some delicious food in your kitchen. Maybe you fried some chicken or other appetizers last night. I'd be willing to bet that your kitchen, and maybe the rest of your house, still smells like it.

Super Bowl or not, at some point, we have all fried some food in the kitchen. One thing about fried food (other than the fact that it's delicious) is that fried food smell lingers for awhile in your home. We've all been there before. You fry something delicious up in the kitchen for dinner, and you come home from work the next day and the smell is still there...and usually it isn't so delicious.

So what do you do? You will likely spray an air freshener, but that only lasts so long. You're not going to stop eating fried food. That would just be foolish! Delish posted an article on their website a while ago that might help get the fried (or maybe even burnt) food smell out of your house. Shoutout to my girl for finding this gem for me to write about today! It's a life hack that we all could use to see and try after we make fried food.

Delish offers a few tips to get the lingering smell of fried food out of your house. Some of these might be common sense to you, while others (especially number 5) might make you eager to try out.

(H/T- Delish)

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