If you've ever seen a spider cricket, even if you didn't know what it was called, you knew you wanted it out of your house...

Spider crickets. AKA: Camel crickets, Cave crickets, and OH GOD WHAT IS THAT???

If you've ever seen a spider cricket in your house, it can be a little jarring. Your first reaction isn't usually "Oh, that's a spider cricket. I'll just calmly get rid of it." Seeing one is usually followed by a scream and finding someone else to kill it, or maybe you even start to contemplate burning the house down...(Please, don't do that.)

The fact of the matter is, even though they look terrifying, and if you confront them they might jump at you with their monster legs...they're actually harmless.

To humans.

Not to your things.

Cardboard, plants, and clothing are all nibble-worthy to spider crickets.

Spider crickets are an invasive species. Which means, they don't really serve an important purpose, but they can multiply quickly, and are hard to kill.

The only thing they might be good for is eating dead stuff in your basement. (Bad fruit, garbage, poop...Yup...they eat poop...)

But, again, as I said, if the poop eating creepy cricket suddenly went extinct tomorrow, I don't think we'd be too sad.

SO. How do you get rid of these creepy crawly nibblers?

Spider crickets tend to like dark, damp spaces to hide out for the winter. Like basements, crawl spaces, and sheds.

1.Try to reduce the moisture in your home.

2. If it's more than one, call an exterminator for options.

3. All-natural pest reductions methods like peppermint oils seem to help.

4. Avoid clutter! Clutter can cause those dark, damp spaces they like...

5. Find someone brave enough to use a cup and a piece of paper to relocate the cricket outside. I say 'relocate' because killing it will result in some not so pleasant crunching noises and a big squishy bug mess to clean up...ew.

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