One side effect of the COVID vaccine that many people experience is a sore arm. Thanks to TikTok, we may have found a way to ease that arm pain and hopefully avoid that side effect.

By now, you've either gotten a vaccine or know someone who has gotten one or both. I know so many people who have gotten one that have had one common side effect. You know where I'm going with this, a sore arm around the injection site. I received my first vaccine a week or so ago and I experienced that same pain in my arm that many others have had too. While it wasn't the worst pain I have been in, it still wasn't pleasant. So how can you avoid having that arm pain after the vaccine? Here's a tip:

Swing your arms in a circle.

Yes, according to this new TikTok trend, swinging your arms in a circle after you get the vaccine to try and increase blood flow to their arms has been a proven way to help ease the pain of that side effect. Who knew that TikTok would be the answer to this problem that many of us have faced?

Granted, it looks pretty silly to do, but if it works then it's worth looking like a windmill.

Here's the thing, people on TikTok aren't the only ones confirming that this works. According to BestLife, Peter Chin-Hong, MD, an infectious disease specialist and professor of medicine also confirmed that this is likely to help ease the pain.

Why? Because when you move your arm in a circle motion like that, you're increasing your arm's blood flow. This will "diffuse" the vaccine away from your muscle and let the immune begin to target other parts of your body. It's science at it's finest. They say that it's more effective if you swing your arm immediately after getting the vaccine. I had to sit in a waiting room for 15 minutes after getting vaccinated, so that's a perfect time to start swinging.

Now, there's no guarantee that swinging your arm around after getting vaccinated will stop all of the arm pain from the vaccine. However, Chin-Hong says that moving it consistently and right after getting the vaccine is likely to reduce the arm pain.

So to wrap things up, if you want to try to avoid the side effect that everyone is talking about with the COVID vaccine, arm pain, start swinging your arm right after you get the vaccination. Swing it periodically throughout the day too to keep that blood flow moving around. It's not 100% guaranteed to work, but if it has the possibility of doing the trick, then it's worth it. If you need tips on how to swing your arm, just get on TikTok and they'll show you the way!

(H/T- BestLife)

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