It's officially camping season. Here's one way to add a little fun to your camping experience.

Growing up, we went camping all of the time. It seemed like every weekend we were walking trails, swimming, riding bikes, and sitting next to the campfire. It's been a while since I have been camping, but I am very hopeful that changes this year. If you're an avid camper, I think I found something that will not only entertain the kids, but it will surely have your camping neighbors chatting too.

Did you know that you can change the color of your campfire?

I wish I knew about this when I was a kid. It's something so simple, yet fascinating to watch. Big Adventure RV recently made a Facebook post on how you can change the color of your fire. There are actually several different ways you can do it and each results in a different color. This might look magical, but it's no magic trick. It's simply science.

All you do is throw one extra ingredient into the fire. The color of the fire will depend on what you sprinkle into it. These extra ingredients that you sprinkle into the fire are things that you probably have in your kitchen already. I had no idea that a dash of these things would create such a cool chemical reaction, but I can't wait to try it out this year at my next campfire.

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Big Adventure RV notes that you should only do this after you've finished cooking, as you don't want these to effect your food. Not only that but you want to make sure that you try it out with just a small sprinkle. Don't over do it.  Also, try it out at night, obviously, for the best effects. Now, without any further ado, here's how you can change the color of your campfire.

How To Change The Color Of Your Campfire

You can change the color of your campground by adding simple ingredients that you have at home. Each ingredient you sprinkle into the fire has a different effect.

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