When I tell my friends that I'm going to brine my turkey, they look at me like I'm from another planet! You're going to do what?!

Most of you will be fixing a frozen turkey, with the self basting stuff inside of it. But, guess what's in that...Gluten. Doug cannot have that kind, because he has Celiac Disease. Turkeys without the basting stuff are super dry. After years of suffering through dry turkey...Basically, just swallowing it with wine, I decided to try brining.

It really works! for the past few years, I haven't had a dry turkey. So, this is how I do it:

Start with a fresh, not frozen turkey. You can create your own brine with plenty of salt and seasonings, but I really like the all in one kind. I found this at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Photo by Liberty
Photo by Liberty

I found a great do it yourself brine from Gluten Free Girl. The key is salt. that's what makes the meat juicy. You will need plenty of room in your fridge, and a large pot or bucket.

Here is a really good example of the process

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